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Abrafati 2019, deemed Latin America’s largest coatings trade show in Latin America. The 2019 conference will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil from October 1-3, 2019.

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Momentive offers an extensive portfolio of high-performance additives, emulsions and prepolymers. Our silanes team of experts spend everyday in the lab, carefully collaborating with you to offer numerous applications that meet the ever-evolving needs of the coating additive industry.

CoatOSil DRI waterborne silane is a silicone resin which serves the roof coatings, exterior coatings, wood coatings and industrial coatings. Lastly, our SPUR+ prepolymer portfolio offers.

Lastly, our SPUR+ prepolymer portfolio offers of a variety of grades designed to help optimize a variety of formulations. Explore the diverse lineup from the SPUR+ family to discover the product best suited to your application.


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Featured Products


This year, at Abrafati, we will showcase the benefits of CoatOSil MP 200 silane and CoatOSil T Cure silane oligomer.  CoatOSil MP 200 silane, principally serves the architectural, paints, resins, acrylic sealants and waterproofing industries. CoatOSil T Cure silane oligomer is marketed primarily for use in industrial and automotive paints.

CoatOSil MP 200 silane has inherent qualities for both solvent- borne and waterborne properties. It promotes adhesion through its ability to react to various organic functionalities, and bond well to inorganic substrates.

CoatOSil* T-Cure silane is a 100% active mercapto silane useful as a crosslinker and adhesion promoter for coating, adhesive and sealant applications. Its area of primary utility is in polyurethane based systems, but it may also find use in epoxy, acrylate and hybrid coatings.



CoatOSil DRI waterborne silicone is a low viscosity emulsion that can act either as a co-binder or additive in latex systems.

The innovative technology behind CoatOSil DRI silicone resin makes it an excellent candidate to consider for use in roof coatings, exterior coatings, wood coatings and industrial coatings

In the coatings market, silicone emulsions are known for their durability, water repellency, low VOC, and resistance to other environmental elements. Momentive’s silicone emulsions can help create longer-lasting, protective coatings that maintain aesthetics in interior and exterior architectural applications.


SPUR+* 1050 prepolymer is an excellent candidate to consider for use in the manufacturing of one-part, moisture-curing sealants and, as a base resin, for medium modulus sealants and adhesives, typically providing the higher tensile strength often required in industrial and transportation applications. With low viscosity and easy application, SPUR + 1050 prepolymer generally adheres well to many surfaces without the aid of a primer.

SPUR+ 3030 prepolymer was developed to enable the formulation of roof coating with a wide application window and excellent fully cured properties including tear, UV and water resistance.

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Dmitry Chernyshov
Thiol based silane adhesion promoter for polyurethane coatings

10.2.2019 | 10:45am-11:25am | Lecture #56, Auditorium 3

The chemistry of organosilicones provides the modern paint industry with a powerful toolbox that can be used to design innovative coating products and technologies. In this respect, the use of organosilicones can help formulators achieve better interfacial adhesion and recoatability as well as improve water impermeability, chemical resistance and outdoor durability. The current paper will cover multiple aspects in the application of a newly developed organosilicone coating additive based on the glycolic oligomer of a thiol silane - CoatOSil* T-Cure silane. We will demonstrate how this product can be used to impart high performance properties to traditional coating systems. In particular, we will present examples of using CoatOSil T-Cure silane to formulate highly durable, corrosion and UV resistant polyurethane and polyurea topcoat and clearcoat systems.

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