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Join Momentive at ADIPEC 2023 from October 2nd to 5th in Abu Dhabi at booth 1120: you’ll be able to discuss with our experts your Oil & Gas foam control challenges and discover tailor made solutions that can maximize your productivity while complying with the strictest regulatory standards.

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Booth 1120

2nd - 5th October, 2023
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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SAG™ Silicone Antifoams

SAG silicone antifoams effectively control foam in a variety of Oil & Gas applications, such as diesel fuel, gas sweetening, butadiene units, gas oil separators, and drilling muds. The newer generation SAG silicone antifoams offer lower use levels, stability in extreme conditions, easier handling, improved compatibility, and stability providing better overall performance.

Silwet™ Silicone Surfactants

Silwet silicone surfactants are very versatile, offering virtually unlimited capabilities in many diverse applications. They feature high surface activity and can dramatically reduce the interfacial tension at very low addition levels thus highly impacting the success of the application and providing critical performance differences in every process step.

Silbreak™ Silicone Demulsifiers

Silbreak silicone demulsifiers combine the outstanding surface activity of siloxanes polymers with the water or oil solubility of organic substituents. They are based on organically modified siloxane molecules and therefore behave significantly differently from polydimethylsiloxanes.


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