Automotive Bonding

Silicone Bonding for Improved Performance

Advanced Silicone Adhesives Designed for Automotive Electronic Devices

Momentive offers a wide range of bonding and sealing solutions. Our portfolio of advanced silicone adhesives is designed to perform under highly stressful operating environments of today’s advanced automotive electronic devices. Our materials bond to a wide variety of composites, plastics and metals and are tailored to the demands of today’s high-volume manufacturing production processes.

Momentive's bonding materials make your electronic devices more reliable, last longer end perform better even under harsh operating conditions.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

  • Primerless adhesion to many substrates
  • Reduced need for fasteners for high productivity and weight reduction
  • Long-term elasticity tom minimize/reduce CTE stress
  • Ease of use and design flexibility
  • Fast curing options for increased productivity
  • Low modulus ensuring outstanding stress relie
  • High performance sealant for protecting sensitive components against moisture and contamination
  • Combined structural adhesion and thermal conductivity
  • Available in one-component and two-component solutions
  • Choice of cure systems

Typical Applications

  • Electronic Control Units
  • EPS
  • OBC
  • Inverter /DC/DC converters
  • Electronic Component Fixings


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Choosing the Right Bonding Materials

The real challenge of choosing the right bonding adhesive depends on several key items and it is important to know and define what is required of the adhesive in the design stage.

Some of the most Important mechanical properties of sealing adhesives include elongation, compressibility, tensile strength, modulus, tear strength and fatigue resistance. 

Depending on the nature of the application, a sealing adhesive may require very little strength or great strength. As we move through various temperature conditions substrates could move considerably, requiring that the sealant expands and contract significantly without losing adhesion from the surface.

Dynamic loads, shock, and rapid variations in stress can cause sealing adhesives to fail. Momentive’s portfolio of advanced adhesives are designed to last, incorporating tough and flexible elastomeric properties. Unlike other adhesives that are rigid and brittle, Momentive’s silicone adhesives can repeatedly stretch and return to their original length while maintaining adhesion.
Some important factors to consider:

  1. Understanding the application. What is the function and requirement of the device?
  2. What are the reliability requirements of the application?
    • Operating Temperature ranges
    • Thermal shock/cycle requirements
    • Humidity, water, automotive fluids or gasses
    • Vibration performance and mechanical loads
  3. Processing requirements. How will the material be processed in production?
    • One or two component materials
    • Target viscosity ranges
    • Moisture, room temperature cure or elevated temperature cure
    • Pre-treatment of substrates
  4. What are the physical and mechanical properties of the material needed for the application?
    • Adhesion values (cohesive failure)
    • Elongation
    • Hardness
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Breakdown voltage
    • Low volatile
    • Flammability and UL requirements

Adhesive and Sealant Products

Product System Cure(1) Cure Time / Tack Free Time(3) Color Flowability Feature
Addisil* 6101 adhesive sealant 1 part AC CT 10 min @ 125 °C Black Non-flowable Fast bonding @ 125 °C
TSE322 1 part AC CT 30 min @ 150 °C Light blue, Black  Flowable Fast bonding @ T>125 °C
TSE326M-EX 1 part AC CT 1 hr @ 150 °C Red Flowable High heat stability
TN3005 1 part CC TFT < 10 min @ RT Clear, white, black Non-flowable Tin free/ Fast cure/ Low volatile
TN3305 1 part CC TFT < 10 min @ RT Clear, white, black Flowable Tin free /Fast cure/ Low volatile
TN3085 1 part CC TFT < 10 min @ RT White, grey Non-flowable Tin free/ Fast cure/ Low volatile
RTV210A/224B 2 part (10:1 w/w) CC CT 15 min @ RT Black Non-flowable Fast bonding @ ambient

(1) AC = Addition Cure, CC = Condensation Cure
(2) After 10-30 minutes cure at RT the bond strength is usually sufficient to allow part handling - full cure obtained after 1-3 days at ambient
(3) CT =Cure Time, TFT = Tack Free Time

Product properties are average data and are not to be used as or to develop specifications.
*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Momentive’s dedicated Automotive team is made up of highly experienced Chemists and Application Development Engineers and a network of global application development centers. Our team uses onsite, customer process analysis and a collaborative solution development approach to truly understand customer challenges. We can work with you to develop a complete process, from the first laboratory trials all the way to series production. We have the support and solutions you need today, so you can deliver the next great product of tomorrow.

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