Silicones to Protect Your Innovations

Advanced Materials to Protect Critical Components

Momentive’s advanced potting materials feature a unique combination of flexibility and high and low temperature resistance, while maintaining constant mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures. Our Silicone materials are soft and flexible with high elongation, making them suitable for potting sensitive electronics.

Momentive’s wide range of silicones and specialized grades can be easily integrated into most manufacturing processes.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

  • Long term stability over a broad temperature range 
  • Sustained flexibility, adhesion and sealing even in extreme conditions
  • Permanent flexibility and low cure shrinkage for stress relief
  • Low stress & non-cracking
  • Endurance to withstand exposure to vibration, impact and shock
  • Exceptional durability
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Exceptional moisture protection
  • Minimal expansion & contraction with temperature changes
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties for use with sensitive circuits
  • Low volatile solutions available
  • Customizable cure rates allow the material to match the assembly process
  • Available in a range of viscosities – from semi-flowable to flowable liquids
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Choosing the Right Potting and Encapsulation Materials

There are many materials and chemistries that are used in the industry for basic protection of a circuit. But, when it comes to more demanding requirements and sensitive electronic assemblies silicone materials shine due to their inherent features.

The challenge of choosing the right potting material involves several key considerations, and it is important to know and define what you require from the potting material in the design stage. Some important factors to consider:

  1. Understanding the application. What is the function and requirement of the device?
  2. What are the reliability requirements of the application?
    • Operating Temperature ranges
    • Thermal shock/cycle requirements
    • Humidity, water, automotive fluids or gasses
  3. Processing requirements. How will the material be processed in production?
    • One or two component materials
    • Target viscosity ranges
    • Moisture, room temperature cure or elevated temperature cure
    • Pre-treatment of substrates
  4. What are the physical and mechanical properties of the material needed for the application?
  5. What are the adhesion values? 
    • Elongation
    • Hardness
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Breakdown voltage
    • Low volatile
    • Flammability and UL requirements

Protection Products

Product System (1) Ratio (w/w) Cure Time Color Type Viscosity (Pa.S) Feature
TSE3051 AC, 1K n/a 1 hr. @ 150° C Clear Gel 0.7 1 Part - Easy handling
TSE3070 AC, 2K 1:1 .5 hr. @ 70° C Clear Gel 0.8 Excellent vibration damping
TSE3032 AC, 2K 10:1 1 hr. @ 100° C Clear Rubber 4 Non-bonding
TSE3033 AC, 2K 1:1 30 min. @ 150° C Clear Rubber 1 Self-bonding
TSE3331K-EX AC, 2K 1:1 10 min. @ 100° C Dark Grey Rubber 3 UL94-V0; Thermal conductivity
TSE3251 AC, 1K n/a 1 hr. @ 150° C White Rubber 8.5 1K - Easy handling
TSE3667 CC, 2K 100:8 24 hr. @ RT Dark Grey Rubber 3 Low temp. adhesion; UL-94-V0; Good deep section cure
RTV11 CC, 2K Variable 24 hr. @ RT White Rubber 11 FDA compliant; Deep section cure possible
TSE3660 CC, 2K 100:8 24 hr. @ RT Light Blue Rubber 3 Low temp. adhesion; Good deep section cure; UL-94 HB

(1) AC = Addition Cure, CC = Condensation Cure

Product properties average data and are not to be used as or to develop specifications

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Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Momentive’s dedicated Automotive team is made up of highly experienced Chemists and Application Development Engineers and a network of global application development centers. Our team uses onsite, customer process analysis and a collaborative solution development approach to truly understand customer challenges. We have the support and solutions you need today, so you can deliver the next great product of tomorrow.

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