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Driving the Future of Automotive Electronics

The automotive industry faces countless challenges as it prepares for a new era of mobility. Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization and Mobility as a Service are all key areas of focus in the industry. Companies must innovate in order to meet these challenges.

Momentive’s advanced silicones play an essential role in the vehicles of today and tomorrow. From thermal management materials that help reduce power losses, to sealing and bonding materials that keep critical components in place, to silicones that protect the sensitive electronic assemblies that make advanced technologies possible, Momentive’s innovative silicones help shape the future of automotive electronics and drive the industry forward.

Our Solutions

SilCool*: Thermal Management Materials that Take the Heat

From high heat dissipating thermal management materials to sealing and bonding adhesives to encapsulants that protect sensitive electronics, Momentive’s dedicated automotive experts develop revolutionary products to help manufacturers find new ways to meet their next generation requirements. With global development labs and manufacturing, we can support customers around the world.

We have the support and solutions you need today, so you can deliver the next great product of tomorrow.

SilCool Silicones - Pushing the boundaries in thermal management up to 10WmK

SnapSil* Adhesives Deliver Improved Bonding Performance

As reliability requirements for electronic components increase and as composite plastics evolve, better protection is necessary to achieve the next step in performance. Momentive’s high performance adhesives are ideal for bonding everything from ECU housings to sealing electronic assembly. Our materials can bond to a wide variety of composites, plastics, and metals and are tailored to the demands of the electronics industry, with high-performance and reliability in mind.

SnapSil Silicones - Advanced Bonding Performance

Protect Your Most Sensitive Innovations

Momentive offers a wide range of advanced silicones to help protect electronic assemblies against environmental hazards like heat, humidity and liquids. Our silicones provide high electrical insulation while minimizing vibration and stress to improve the longevity of sensitive electronics.

Momentive silicones protect electronics to help keep vehicles on the road

The Right Material to Drive Your Project Forward

Whether it’s heat dissipation, component protection, or sealing and bonding, Momentive’s silicones are ideal for a wide range of automotive applications. Here’s why:

High Reliability:

  • From Alaska to the Desert: Wide operational temperature range from -45° C to 200° C
  • High elongation to absorb stress and minimizes CTE mismatch
  • Superior environmental protection and low water absorption
  • Outstanding flexibility, vibration and shock dampening performance
  • Dielectric stability and high electrical insulation
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Low shrinkage during curing

Processing / Improved Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Room temperature cure reduces the need for time consuming heat curing
  • Adjustable properties to meet production needs
  • Design freedom
  • Elasticity with plasticizers
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Why Momentive?

Connecting Your Ideas with Our Expert Solutions

Momentive has been developing innovative silicone solutions for the automotive industry for decades. As a global leader in silicones, we developed dozens of industry-firsts and we continue that legacy today. Our products are designed with performance and high-reliability in mind. Momentive has production facilities around the globe, controlling our manufacturing process from the base silicone all the way through to the finished product. This ensures you get the performance you need along with full quality control over all inputs as well as the finished product.

We support our customers with state-of-the-art research, application development labs and dedicated industry experts located around the world. Working with you, we will develop a complete process, from the first laboratory trials all the way to series production.

Customized Solutions to Power EV Innovation

The switch from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating, powered by advancements in technology, environmental awareness, and consumer behavioral changes. With more advanced vehicles come increased levels of technical complexity.

These advancements also require new materials. Momentive’s SilCool products help keep critical electronic assemblies cool, functioning even in the harshest environments. Our advanced silicone materials maintain structural bonds and protect sensitive components required to keep electric vehicles on the road.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

New Technology, New Challenges, New Materials

As the reality of autonomous cars gets closer every day, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are bridging the gap between traditional cars and the cars of tomorrow. These systems rely more on electronics and sensors than ever. Reliable operation of these systems is critical for safe vehicle operation. Momentive's product portfolio for ADAS applications ranges from potting materials in ultrasound sensors, low stress and low modulus materials for cameras, sealing, bonding and thermal materials in electric power steering and braking systems, shielding of entire vehicle control units and ADAS related connectivity modules requiring ultra-high thermal materials.

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